Birthday Joy

So, today was one of my coworker’s birthday. We had planned some fun moments for her, but my very favorite moment was when she asked if she could come to my room to help with some of my students in the afternoon. It had been one of THOSE days where I hadn’t had a break all day, so of course I said yes.

When I got to my classroom with a small group of students with autism, I told them that we should sing Happy Birthday when she came in. They asked if they could PLEASEEEE hide and pop out and surprise her when she came in. I said “sure!”

The thing is….it ended up taking her 15 minutes to get to my room….so do I try to teach Math or do I just let them keep hiding? Guess what I decided:). The joy on their faces as they tried to “hide” from her made my day! They made it all the way to minute 14 hiding under that table and came out just as she walked in the door. They all began to giggle and then broke out in the sweetest version of Happy Birthday.