Tomorrow’s Monday!!

Ready….Set…..GO!  Monday’s coming!

If you’re like me, Sunday night is one of anticipation.  I’m trying to savor those last moments before school begins again.  As I talked with a friend this weekend, we were talking about the importance of spending time with our Savior every day.

She reminded me that if we want to get up early enough to do that in the morning, it starts the night before.  We need to get in bed early enough to then be able to wake up early and spend time in His Word.

So, yes I know Downton Abbey is on tonight:), but this is a challenge to head to bed a few minutes early so we can get up a few minutes early.

Let’s start off our week in a way that will help us find that moment of joy tomorrow!

Remember to look for that moment tomorrow and come back here and share with us.

Monday Moment of Joy

Did you find one today?  Did you find a joyful moment?  One of mine was getting to sleep in!!  We had a delay because of the ice.  Definitely thankful for some extra sleep:)  Of course, it was a Monday AND we had a delay, so that caused some of my autistic students to have a hard time getting settled.   Although I was definitely exhausted by the end of the day, I could also see God’s hand at work.  In the middle of those meltdowns, one of the students asked for help in a way that we’d practiced over and over!  Yay for first times!  Another student excitedly shared how he had practiced and practiced a concept until he got it. The smile on his face was contagious.  (The best part was that he did it last night-a weekend, no less!!)

The beginning of my day didn’t start well, but a Christian friend who “happens” to be subbing in our building reminded me that “love is a choice” and that maybe we just need to move on from the hard situation.  Hmmmm….funny that one of my coworkers, who is NOT a believer had basically said that same thing last week about another situation.  Maybe God is trying to tell me something:).   Grateful for reminders that I’m not just here to teach but to share God’s love with those around me.  Where did you find your joyful moment?

Monday Moment of Joy

What was your Monday Moment of Joy??

Mine was in the midst of a crazy day of tornado watches and having to come inside the building (couldn’t be in those oh so sturdy trailers today:).  Of course schedules changed and I felt like I wasn’t teaching at all.  I felt that all I said was “no you can’t bang on that wall.  No, that trash can is not a jungle gym.  Nope I know things are different and you don’t do well with changes, but we really are going to do some Math here sitting on the hard floor while we listen to center time in the room on one side of the hall and the computer lab with headphones not working on the other side of the hall.”   I was ready to pull my hair out. 

But then it came! That joyful moment-I was reading aloud…The character in the book heard a humming noise.  The author explained that if  vacuum cleaners had been invented back then, the character would have thought that the humming sound was a vacuum cleaner.  As I read that, I literally thought “wow-what a great way to show what it sounded like without taking away from the time frame of the story, but no way will I be able to explain that to my kids…”

 Right then, one of my students who has a very difficult time with reading comprehension raised his hand excitedly and said “ummm…if vacuum cleaners hadn’t been invented yet, how would he have known what a vacuum cleaner would have sounded like…”   Bingo!!!  You got it!   Let’s have that discussion about author’s craft and how his purpose was to get us, the readers, to understand what the sound was!