Friday Picture Day, a Full Moon, and Joy in the Moment

So today was picture day.  You know what that means…”girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes” who are not allowed to get their new shoes dirty at recess (how many times do we see the shoes in those pictures anyway?); boys with ties that they fiddle with all day; and crazy schedules that I can’t keep straight.  With 10 students that I pull out of class for service, none of them had the same picture schedule!  When I thought I had finally figured out the schedule, a teacher passing me in the hallway said, “Oh…we had to change our schedule!”   No worries-let me just re-work my day one more time.  Yes, those individual pictures are adorable, so I’m glad they do it, but does it have to be on a Friday-especially the day right after a full moon?:)  

At 2:00, we gave up and went outside (and almost missed one kid’s pictures-oops).  Earlier in the day there had been a not so nice social interaction between two of my students.   As our class walked outside at 2:00, the student who had been hurt in that previous interaction came to me and said, “When we get outside can I go tell her that I forgive her?”   I knew that that she had not apologized to him because she was still denying that she had done anything wrong.   He was ready to forgive her even though she wasn’t ready to admit her guilt.   When we got outside, he went right to her and told her that she was forgiven. 

What an awesome moment of joy for me today as I watched God work in this student.  I had just told my aide that “I was done!”  I couldn’t handle the stress of picture day and regular Friday craziness and the emotional status of my students anymore.  We all needed a break, but in that break, God reminded me of His grace and His forgiveness through the words and the heart of a young child.